I-CAR - Professional Development Program Education Edition (PDP-EE)



Welcome to I-CAR’s Website for Career and Technical Schools

Exclusively for Professional Development Program-Education Edition (PDP-EE) Educators and Students

Welcome to PDP-EE.i-car.com, a layover on your flight to an exciting destination: a completely re-tooled Professional Development Program – Education Edition (PDP-EE).
On this site, career and technical Educators and students who are either using or want to know more about the PDP-EE will find:

  • a streamlined version of the Career and Technical Schools pages previously on www.i-car.com, with links to the most frequently-requested information about I-CAR’s curriculum packages for schools.
  • the myI-CAR portal for access to PDP-EE learning and teaching materials as well as a transcript of completed training. This is the only place Educators and students can access their myI-CAR accounts and launch online PDP-EE courses.
This spin-off of Career and Technical Schools information from I-CAR’s main website is not permanent. Once the new version of the PDP-EE is released, following enhancements being made in industry training, web pages relevant to schools and Educators will be re-integrated into www.i-car.com.
Educators are always welcome to log on to I-CAR’s main website, and they will be able to use links to cross back and forth between the main site and the temporary Career and Technical Schools site. Mingling information in the same place about the new Professional Development Program (PDP) industry training and the yet-to-be-revamped PDP-EE curriculum could be confusing to website visitors. This is why information about the PDP-EE was moved to a separate website.
Other forms of access to the PDP-EE program are not changing for current users:


  • PDP-EE classes launch the same way in your myI-CAR account, and Educators will continue to monitor students’ online coursework in their electronic grade book.
  • Educators will continue to access teaching materials for live courses in the Instructor Support Website (ISW), using the same ISW log-in as before. (Information and forms not moved to this new, temporary site can be found in the ISW.)

For more information on I-CAR curriculum packages for career and technical schools, contact:
Education Hotline: 888-422-7211
Email: schools@i-car.com