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New Courses!!!

In December 2017, I-CAR released a new series of online Presentations Skills courses designed specifically to benefit instructors. These courses will enable you to convey information more effectively while building stronger relationships with your students. Your students, in turn, will increase their engagement and enhance their learning experience. The three course series includes:

Presentation Skills Series: Reflect 
Presentation Skills Series: Connect
Presentation Skills Series: Engage

These courses satisfy ProLevel 2 requirements for the Platinum Educator Role.

I-CAR Platinum is now available to all technical school Educators teaching the I-CAR Professional Development Program – Education Edition (PDP-EE). There is no charge for you to train! The Platinum framework includes online courses, Instructor Training Evaluations (ITE’s), and ProLevel 1, 2, and 3 role progressions. New to the Educator training role are educational videos that emphasize curriculum delivery best practices and provide guidance gauging today’s learners.AirBrush-pic1.jpg

All requirements for the Educator Platinum are accessible through your myI-CAR account and I-CAR Instructor Support Website

Questions? Please call the I-CAR Career and Technical School Hotline at 888.422.7211 or email 
schools@i-car.com to get started.